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I refer to this as my aero jumpoff page.  This is where you begin and head off to what particularly interests you. 
Last updated December 18, 2019

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RCAF CF-188 (CF-18A) 118796 in special show colours, by Howard Doucet.

 In these pages I intend to cover listening to and observing of predominately civil aircraft flying over the Maritimes whether or not they are landing or departing locally, or merely passing by.   Seeing as how this is a radio website, this is all anchored in listening in on your VHF scanner, supplemented by usage of websites that will help you to geographically locate what you are hearing, or listen from afar.   You will learn about the frequencies and the areas they are used in, and also about the codes for locations and for the flights themselves.   For example, if you hear Lindbergh 4302 cleared for VOKIL or for MLT or to Flight Level 290 do you know what you are hearing?  Or on the websites if you see 3V1408 and identifying on-air as Quality 1408, going from ORD to LGG, do you know that is a TNT Airways cargo flight from Chicago to Liege?    This will all be covered in these pages.   Rather than try to cover it all in one page, I have divided things up. I hope it works for you.

By the way, I am not a major air traveller.  Here are my highlights.  I think I was up in a small airplane when I was a child back in the late fifties, but that is lost in time.   A highlight around 1960 was to go on a new TCA Viscount from Victoria to Vancouver, and then back again in a Super Constellation, surely the best looking airliner ever!    In 1962 as a young teen I had a helicopter ride at the Seattle World’s Fair, and then in 1966 flew from Vancouver to Prestwick, Scotland in a Martinair DC-7C…  it was wonderful to fly over northern Canada and Greenland, and stop in Iceland for fuel.   In the military I flew on the Boeing 707 shuttle across Canada and which landed several times weekly at Shearwater, and on one occasion flew from Trenton, Ontario to Shearwater in a Hercules.  Since leaving the military I have been to Florida and California on various airlines, airliners and routes, including 727, DC-9, 737, A-319, A-320 and various Embraer and Canadair regional jets.   If I travel I try to avoid the jumbo jets, as there is less chance of getting to actually see outside, and to me a trip without seeing is a complete waste of time and money!


Main Halifax Frequencies at a Glance (More via the Halifax page)

Clearance 123.95, Ground 121.9, Tower 118.4, Terminal 119.2, VFR Terminal 118.7, De-Ice 122.35, 122.95, 129.25,
Shell FBO 123.4, Esso FBO 129.3, Gateway FBO 129.1, Air Canada STOC 130.175, Jazz Ops 128.9, Westjet Ops 131.275. 


At and Around
Halifax International Airport

  Frequencies, description, observation

Clearance, De-Ice, Taxi and Takeoff

 Departures procedures and initial destinations

Arrivals procedures including Approach fixes 


Current Conditions,Traffic and Happenings
at Halifax:

Webcams, Live Wind and RVR's, Official website

Flightradar24, Flightaware, Planefinder

Stanfield Facebook Page,

Halifax Airport Watch Group Facebook Page

Shearwater Heliport,
plus Halifax area helipads and Porters Lake field


Low and High Level Controlled Airspace

 outside the Halifax Control Zone.  Frequencies, Procedures, Sectors, etc. focusing on Moncton Centre

Controlled Airspace and Sectors.  Including low level and high level sector maps and frequency charts. This page briefly outlines tower control zones and terminal control areas but mostly focuses on the area control centre sectors and frequencies in this region. This is where you can see which centre frequencies are used where in our region.   You need to get a handle on this if you want to listen effectively, or want to watch on the computer.  But you may want to read about aero radio first.

Listening to and Observing High-Flying Aircraft Passing over Nova Scotia. This is where you go if you want to know about the multitude of aircraft flying over our area on their way to and from Europe.  REQUIRES RE-WRITING.

U.S. Military Aerial Refueling over Nova Scotia
Listening to Aero communications on-line,
and on-line tracking of aircraft

Observing on Your Computer




Items marked "down" are known to not be functioning and will be fixed or deleted ASAP. Please send me any other useful links relating to aircraft, aero charts, aero frequencies, etc.

Aero Radio  
   Intro to the Aero Radio Bands,
 plus an
aero Frequency List for the Maritimes. 

Runway designations.
 How runways are designated and why they change over time 
 Identifying Places
Codes and Abbreviations for Airports, Radio Aids and Reporting Points.
Identifying Aircraft
Guide to Aircraft Registration Marks, Call Signs and Airline Codes
Professional quality photos of aircraft (on the website).  Enter CYHZ in keywords to get Halifax Airportnavfinder  is where I go to get info on airports and relationship to navaids and adjacent airports.  I use this in my Flight Simulation grand tour of North America.
SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts  Get info on airports, navaids, reporting points, etc.

Canadian Airport Weather Cameras   

Nav Canada's Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS)

Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual VATCAN Moncton  Flight Simulation website   down
Rockwell Collins (AIRINC) VHF & HF coverage maps Canairradio   -- for info on Canadian aero frequencies Nav Canada's Airport Diagram Site

Milcom Monitoring Blogspot 

US FAA Airport Diagrams and Approach Plates

Aviation Safety Network (descriptions & photos of air crashes and incidents)

See current location of
 Lifeflight air ambulance   down

NTSB (United States National Transportation Safety Board) reports on incidents.  down (Lists of current and historic aircraft types, deliveries, etc)
www.  down VFRMAP - Digital Aeronautical Charts
Aero Inside get daily digests of aircraft incidents in your email Canadian Aviator
Nav Canada Aeronautical Information Circulars SKYbrary - Articles on the North Atlantic Tracks
Official websites for Other Nova Scotia Airports

Yarmouth airport         Sydney airport 

Digby Airport   

Official Websites for New Brunswick/PEI/Maine airports

Charlottetown Airport     Moncton Airport    
 Fredericton Airport    
   Saint John airport  
Summerside Airport
 Bangor Airport





Cessna CH-1 Skyhook.  As of 2019 my only helicopter ride has been in one of these at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, in my pre-teen years.