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These pages should be very useful if you are interested in getting into broadcast listening but they are not being updated as of 2011.   My broadcast listening interest comes and goes, and at present is at a low point!

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Sorry, I do not cover international shortwave broadcasting!

Current list of FM broadcast stations in the Maritimes and Maine, including Bill's loggings from within and outside this region This must be considered to be somewhat out of date as a few changes do occur, especially in formats, but for the most part it is quite accurate.

Broadcast Links

TVFool.  See what the closest tv stations to you are, with distances and azimuth, and more.  Meant as an aid to DTV reception but great for DX'ers

I had intended on trying for US tv signals and had installed a UHF/VHF High antenna with amp, but now realize that without something more sophisticated or without constant scanning the channels, I am not going to be successful.   It is impossible to achieve consistent over the air TV reception from the USA here in Halifax.

Northeast Radio Watch. Scott Fybush's weekly roundup of all happenings in NE USA and in Ontario and east in Canada.  Excellent!  As of 2011 this site became "by subscription only."

Recent Broadcast Decisions from the CRTC

Northwest Broadcasters (AM, FM, TV developments and Lists from the Seattle/Vancouver area) (I am from there, that's why!)

Ontario DX Association.   The #1 Canada-oriented shortwave listeners club, but there may be some AM and VHF info here too.

National Radio Club. Perhaps the premer organization dedicated to the hobby of monitoring and dx'ing the AM broadcast band

Worldwide TV-FM DX Association (WTFDA) This is the top club for those interested in TV, FM and related DX'ing...including up to the minute forums on ducting and other skip phenomena)

Digital Home's Digital Forum.  Canadian site.  I go here mostly for the OTA (Over the Air) reception discussion.

FM Reception Guide