Bill's British Columbia Licence Plate Run
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Last updated April 17, 2021

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My intent was to have a run of British Columbia passenger plates from 1936 to the present, without being concerned about various prefixes that were used in some years.  In other words,
any passenger plate from a particular year counts.   In more recent years, with multi-year base plates used with stickers I am not concerned with having the different year stickers, and the one base plate
will be good enough for me to cover the several years that type of plate was in use.   I chose 1936 because that was the first year for the shorter plate similar but not identical to modern plates.  Prior to 1936 the plates were longer. 

For a very comprehensive and interesting full description
of the many types and varieties of BC plates, go to




Note that my 1945 was in much better shape before I sprayed it with Fantastic
to get rid of mildew! I think the mildew might still be there, but most of the
paint is gone!










From 1970 onwards British Columbia has periodically issued base plates with annual validation
stickers.   New base plates were issued in 1970, 1973, 1979 and 1985. These base plates are in my run, but I am not endeavoring to
include plates with the different annual stickers.    In the run below, the KHH-411 was a Trail issue that I obtained specially,
just to be different while living in Victoria, where practically everyone else had plates starting with A or B.  I picked Trail,
partly because K was the "highest" first letter at the time, but more so because I was boarding in Victoria with an
Italian couple from Trail, and with several other boarders from Trail, so a connection was made to get this plate.




In December 1979 personalized ("vanity") plates were introduced in British Columbia.  Dad was one of the early partakers of this modern phenomenon,    He and my mother were the two Scots, and they had this plate on their vehicles for the remainder of their driving lives.  This example is from the back of the car.  The front one shows many years of weathering.