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Last updated February 27, 2022

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I am not seriously at this point collecting anything other than Nova Scotia plates, but do have a few Canadian plates from other provinces.  You will se elsewhere my British Columbia plates but here I am showing you my very small representative collection from the rest of the country.  My basic concept is to show an older plate on the left and a more recent type on the right.  In some cases I have more than one plate.   Basically this is a collection of plates that I like, so there is not a strict uniformity to this. Most are regular passenger plates but there are a few of other types.

Before displaying the Canadian plates, here is my plate from St. Pierre and Miquelon.   This of course has no business being shown on my Canada page, but it does have almost honorary Canadian status, as this French territory is just 10 km (6 miles) distant from the closest Canadian land along the Newfoundland coast.   While it is very much French, there is a passenger ferry to Fortune, NF and as well air service to St. John's, Halifax, Moncton and Montreal.  This is an older plate, as current issues follow the uniform European Union style.





Province/Territory "Old" "New"










Ontario passenger plates since 1997 have been in the format of AAAA1234. These commenced with AAAA001 and as of 2022 are still in the Cxxx series.  French language plates were introduced later in the same format but commencing with the letter F.

In February 2020 a new plate was introduced, to replace the blue on white embossed plates. This plate had the colours reversed and was aluminum with a slogans and serial on a plastic film.  These serials commenced with CMAA001 for English plates, and FAAE001 for French plates.  After introduction it was quickly realized that there were readability issues, and issuance was discontinued. The previous type was reintroduced, but those with the blue plates continued their use.   The plate below is an example of the relatively rare French type, and is one of the highest numbers known  to exist.




New Brunswick  


Prince Edward Island  


Newfoundland & Labrador  




Yukon Territory  


Northwest Territories