In early 2023 this page is under redevelopment.   It is sadly out of date as it stands, due to disposals that I have not deleted, or some plates that I have decided to keep.   I may divide this page into two... one for plates definitely open for sale, and another to show plates from outside Canada and the USA that I am keeping in my collection.  This has not yet happened, and along the way this page may seem to be in turmoil.  Last worked on January 15, 2023.
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The UK plate at the top is gone


Zurich tourist


The top Libyan plate is gone



The top is from the Soviet Union, not sure if Russia itself or Ukraine or other soviet republic.  

Vatican City state owned vehicle plate from around 1965 has some flaking and minor retouching but is very rare.  Note, as of November 2022 this Vatican plate has been sold, and has gone through several owners in 2022, and is now in the Frank Crooks collection in Montreal.


Spanish diplomatic plate still available.  Andorra is gone.



This plate is gone.

I have transferred the 2701 plate to my US Possessions colllection.

US Base in what was Ethiopia (but is now in Eritrea)   This was a known base with a top secret purpose beyond what was obvious. In terms of US military personnel plates, this one is relatively valuable.

US Army in Germany

Bahrain plastic plates.  Only the royal family/state plate (red and white) remains








The Cayman Islands is a bit beat up, but is scarce, as it dates from the 60's or earlier.

The Alberta amd NWT ham plates are gone.

 Only the Alberta remains.


One of the BC boosters is gone.









Alabama 61 sample is gone


THE TENNESSEE SHERIFF and the governor plates are GONE

Washington Governor is gone