I do have a life outside the radio hobby, and although I am retired from a long career in the public school system, I have two part-time careers on the go at the moment
Shubie Radio
I teach driver education part-time in Dartmouth. Many of you will know I am getting up there in years, so will not be surprised when I say that I have been a driving instructor for quite a few decades.  Used to be that I went out in the car, but these days I teach the monthly 25 hour part of the provincially-mandated driver education program.  This is the one that not only prepares new drivers for the road test, but also tries to make them more informed drivers and instill a sense of defensive driving and saves on insurance. Currently I am teaching for McKenna's Driving School, one that enjoys a very high reputation, coupled with very reasonable rates.   I invite you to pass the school's name on to anyone you know who is looking to enroll their new driver in a driver education program in the Halifax area.  Doesn't matter if they are 15 or 65, check it out!  Go to McKenna's and save $$, and at the same time receive a program taught by instructors who are actually dedicated to what they are doing! For more information go straight to their website

McKenna's was the recent recipient of the Halifax Consumer Choice Award in the Driving School category.


My other part-time job is as a dispatch operator at Shubie Radio.  For those of you not familiar with Shubie, I can tell you that it is the communications contact point for many provincial agencies including Sheriffs, Conservation Officers, Vehicle Compliance Officers and several smaller groups.  We also dispatch all of the Ground Search and Rescue teams in Nova Scotia, and several rural fire departments. We also assign MA1 and 2, COMMON 1 and 2 and several specialized interop talk groups. Along with this we take calls from the public re wildfires, injured and dead wildlife and hunting and ATV complaints.  We have a multitude of TMR talk groups available to us.. over 160.. but monitor around a dozen on a regular basis.  It can get hectic when two or three talk groups are active simultaneously, and maybe a citizen on the phone at the same time.   It has been quite an adjustment to get used to 12 hour shifts, many of them overnight, as this place never shuts down.  And there is so much going on, both in quantity and diversity. But it is a privilege and enjoyable to be able to work on the TMR every day. I am not able to say much more about the place or the job except to say, for a radio guy like me, it is a dream for sure!