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This is the spot to select my specialized radio-related pages.  Temporarily, some information may
be found here on this page, but generally you will have to click on the section you want.


For radio information and discussion in general check out www.radioreference.com It includes an Atlantic Canada section.     For information on amateur radio in the Maritimes, I suggest you go to www.Atlanticamateur.ca

This page is in the process of being modified in Sept 2021.

This site began in 1999 as a radio listening page covering Nova Scotia and the wider region.
In the past this was the leading radio enthusiast site in the Maritimes and, during its heyday, was featured internationally in Popular Communications. It has morphed over recent years into a low-key personal site retaining some specialty radio topics, and now including some of my other interests. Outside of my extensive aeronautical radio section it mostly serves as a convenient spot for me to easily access and manage my links and to show some of my collectibles..
My radio specialty is the VHF civil aero band.  My aero pages include exclusive frequency lists and descriptions of Halifax area airports, as well as all the facets of controlled airspace, focusing on the Moncton Centre area.   Also includes many relevant links to external pages.
I have been listening to aeronautical radio for several decades and have become very familiar with it, and with the procedures used in air movements.  I combine radio listening with occasional live observation out at the local airport, plus I very commonly watch flights on-line. My pages focus on Halifax but are useful for others in the Maritimes and elsewhere.  

Aeronautical Radio Pages
Frequencies, Charts, Explanations and More

This is my main listening interest, with a specialty in
the VHF band.


VHF Marine Radio Page

Halifax Harbour at a Glance
156.6 Halifax Traffic (inner)
156.7 Halifax Traffic (outer)
156.8 Callling and Emergency
156.5 QHM (Naval Dockyard)
156.4 (Secondary Naval Movements)
156.3 Intership Primary
156.35 Tug Working
161.75 Halifax Pilots

Public Safety Communications in the Maritimes

The Maritimes Trunked Mobile Radio System, Click here 

These following pages are historical in nature and are a revival of pages that formerly appeared here. They describe what came before the current TMR2, and because these systems no longer exist, there should be no issues of confidentiality.   Note:  If there is no active link, this means
the page is yet to be brought back, but will be in due course.

NSIMRS in the 80's and 90's : the NS Integrated Mobile Radio when it was the provincial communications system, with detailed pages on each network on the system. Not about the current NSIMRS.

The Halifax City Motorola Type 1 Trunk System

TMR1: The NS Provincial Motorola Type II trunk system operating from 2000 to 2015.

MRCI:  The proposed interprovincial trunk system that didn't happen.

  RCMP H Division (NS) VHF Network.
RCMP J Division (NB)VHF Network
RCMP L Division (PEI) UHF Network

PEI's PICS System

NB Provincial VHF/UHF Network


I began my radio hobby by listening for distant AM radio stations back in the 60's.  Click here for my broadcast jumpoff page which has pages of my own plus several links of interest.  

Recent Decisions from the CRTC  (in the URL change the year to get the one you want)


Other Radio Pages

Click here to link to my pages and external links re other radio, including amateur radio, Halifax Transit, railways, weather radio, Call letters, Q-codes and ten-codes, and More.    Map of Cell phone towers in Canada   


QSL Collection
A Blast from the Past: A Selection of my Radio Reception Verifications from the 60's and 70's

under construction

VHF and/or UHF scanners and monitors I have owned (not including transceivers):

GE Searcher, Lafayette P-100, Tompkins TunaVerter,

Radio Shack/Realistic PRO-30, PRO-43, PRO-92, PRO-95, PRO-96, PRO-97, PRO-99, PRO-106, PRO-2009, PRO-2026, PRO-2067, PRO-2096.

Uniden/Bearcat BC 235XLT, 590, 780XLT, 285D, 796D, 396XT, 996XT x 2. BCT15.   GRE PSR-400.  Sporty’s Aviation Interrupt.

Might be others I have forgotten altogether, or at least the model number is forgotten!